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Social media for creative professionals - A Downloadable Workshop [GBP]

Wondering how to use social media for the benefit of your creative business? This professional development workshop (1.5 hrs) with art world specialist Susan Mumford (see bio below) is for you!

The first half hour is dedicated to essential big-picture insight for effective social networking, including many top tips, the importance of different types of #hashtags, tools, finding time for social media and more. In the remaining hour, four key platforms are reviewed in detail:


  • 5 best practices for your profile and use;
  • Benefits for art world professionals (who often think LinkedIn isn't for them!)
  • Case study of an artist's LinkedIn profile
  • Case study on real art business being won


  • Using 'Lists' to actively engage with people, raise your profile and keep up to date with targeted people and businesses
  • Engaging your target audiences
  • Different types of posts, re-tweets, @ mentions - and an insider's tip that even experienced tweeps don't know!
  • Suggested accounts to review and follow


  • Pros & cons of personal vs professional pages
  • Activities that are KEY for art professionals (regardless of having a professional page)
  • Effectively advertising events
  • Promoting shows and events without paying to promote
  • Suggested accounts to review and follow


  • As the fastest growing social media platform, you get insight into how the platform works, including top tips on (purposeful) limitations of the platform
  • The importance of using #hashtags on Instagram
  • Engaging the community, including the complexity of reposting (which is, however, possible!)
  • Suggested accounts to review and follow

A workbook is available to use throughout the session, which also provides cheat sheets and tips for future use.

Participants will leave this workshop with an improved understanding of effectively using social media in the arts.

About the speaker:

Susan Mumford is a game-changer in the 21st Century art world. She’s an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and author. While running a gallery in Soho, London, she founded the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), a non-profit trade network with London and New York chapters, and members dotted around the globe. Several years later, she started a social enterprise called Be Smart About Art, which helps art world professionals thrive in a changing industry. In late 2015, her first book was published: 'Art is your life. Make it your living.'

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