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The art world is notoriously shrouded in mystery. Fear not, for in Art is Your Life. Make it Your Living., Susan Mumford lifts the veil, story by story, each based on a real-life problem or dilemma. The first two years’ worth of stories from a popular, entertaining and visually-compelling blog have been compiled into a book that will entertain and inform industry insiders at all stages, as well as curious outsiders.

The photographs by Chris King that accompany each piece have, over time, become part and parcel of the weekly edition. Over time, the visual element became synonymous with the written text, notably with the champagne-in-the-bathtub photograph that accompanied the story, The Art World: A champagne lifestyle? The series has been a whirlwind journey of discovery for both author and photographer. The visual compilation presented here will strike a chord with individuals who harbor a passion for writing or photography.

“Like the rest of Be Smart About Art’s work, Susan Mumford’s weekly blog takes a fresh, down-to-earth approach to the business of art. Always a great read, it answers the vital questions that you didn’t even know you wanted to ask.” - Ivan Macquisten, Writer, art market analyst and pundit, campaigner, collector, blogger, former Editor of the Antiques Trade Gazette

“Entertaining, clear and hugely helpful to anyone in the world of contemporary art.” -Anita Klein, artist

About the Authors:

Susan Mumford is a game-changer in the 21st Century art world. She’s an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and author, born and raised in the USA and now based in London (with frequent visits to New York). Several organizations she founded that provide support to art world professionals include the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD) and Be Smart About Art. Her mission is to empower and enlighten individuals who run creative and/or small enterprises. She is also passionate about addressing societal discrimination, focusing on gender equality and ageism. Keep up with her movements at @susanjmumford.

Chris King is a British art, documentary and event photographer based in London, who never goes anywhere without a ‘proper’ camera. His images presented in this book are visual interpretations of the stories, the images of which have become part and parcel to the series. Chris’s photography is held in private collections in the UK and USA, and documentary works can be viewed in the permanent collection at The Frontline Club, London. Keep up with his movements at @docchrisking.


Genre: Art / Popular Culture

Publication Date: December 16th, 2015

Number of pages: 112 | Illustrations: 100 color plates

Price: 22.50 USD

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